Hello there, I'm Thor!

I'm a computer science student at KU Leuven, with interests in (digital) creativity, photography & saving the planet.

This is my personal web space for anything going from blog posts to portfolio entries and photograph collections.

With or without an audience, I think it's valuable as a learning tool and as a means of expression.

The language is either English or Dutch, depending on who might be reading.

What's behind?

This site is built on the Grav CMS, for which I'm making a theme. I'll publish it when it's in a reusable state.

For the design, I drew major inspiration from illyism.com, hustwit.com and medium.com articles.

  • Name Thor Galle
  • From 1996
  • Studying Human Computer Interaction & Design at Aalto University
  • Previously Computer Science at KU Leuven