|  Thor Galle

Whatever happened to Google Tasks

Published on October 27th, 2017

As a meek Google user, I've been sporting their Calendar for years. Years in which I have used a feature that is being casted into obscurity: Google Tasks. It once started as a fancy addition to Calendar. Now it seems to be present only for legacy purposes:

  • You have to activate it by activating a separate Tasks "calendar".

  • The tasks overview still has the calendar styling from 2009.

  • You can't display them at the same time as Reminders. You have to "switch". One of the most clumsy UX things I've seen from Google.

Then why not only use Reminders? There is no overview of Reminders on the web version. Now let this just be the most useful way to keep an eye on long-term deadlines. I will stick with the 2009 tasks, until the reminder overview jumps from the phone to the desktop. Or until the plug gets pulled, of course.

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