Designing and developing for meaningful digital change

Hi, I'm Thor! I am a Human-Computer Interaction student at KTH minoring in business. I live with my bike & international friends in Stockholm, Sweden.

I design and develop technology for meaningful digital change. Currently I'm fulfilling that mission at Columbia Road where I help companies grow their digital business.

On the side I'm rethinking the quantified self and the shared self. I'm ideating, prototyping or discussing systems for collecting and gaining value from personal and networked data with the human in mind.

Sometimes in summer, I ride my bike far away. A bit more often I drop a blog post on this website.

Recent articles

6 min

6 Reasons Why Finland's Student Restaurants Are Wonderful


Exploring the nice properties of student restaurants in Helsinki and Finland in general. What makes them so good?

3 min

Creating a movie visualization

An interactive visualization of all the movies I've seen since 2015

Current Projects

Voc Enhancer

A browser extension that enhances the’s word learning tool.


What if Facebook or LinkedIn had a map with your connections? FriendMap is here to explore what's possible.


I'm designing a more intentional way to the access social media profiles you follow.

Past projects

Green Office website

I designed and developed the website for the Green Office for KU Leuven in Grav CMS.


I helped to define and develop a solution for sharing stories about people in carehomes.