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This page provides an overview of my work experience. Prefer a summary? Check out my LinkedIn. Jump to my personal projects.

Previous experience

Consulting at Columbia Road ('19 - May '21)

I’ve worked 2 years as a developer consultant at Columbia Road, a great company with great people that lives by its mission: helping companies get more revenue and more customers in the digital era. Columbia Road considers digital sales a cross-disciplinary team effort, not a siloed IT project, and aims to promote that mindset at their clients.

I’ve worked on 12 projects for 11 clients; in all instances, helping clients to grow their digital sales in one way or another. I’ve was mostly in full-stack development roles, sometimes chipping in on design as well. A job with great variety!

Amongst others, I have:

  • Growth-hacked & simplified an onboarding process (in React)
  • Built two shops on Shopify, worked on one with WooCommerce
  • Built and maintained a score of websites using HubSpot CMS (for example, see this blog about building a multi-region HubSpot site), WordPress, Nuxt/Vue.js, Contentful, … regularly being involved in the design process too.
  • Implemented marketing automation processes in Pardot + Salesforce, as well as HubSpot
  • Built & deployed a bunch of back-end integrations between PIMs’s (Akeneo), PoS’s (Sitoo), ERP’s (Netsuite). In both Node.js & PHP.
  • Written blogs to spread our vision, and helped sell project proposals.

If this sounds fun to you, Columbia Road is growing fast and looking for new developers, designers & marketers in Stockholm & Helsinki.

Research & Design at Språkkraft ('19-'20)

For my industrial master’s thesis at KTH in Stockholm, I worked with the non-profit Språkkraft, the makers of the app SVT Språkplay. Språkplay is an app used by thousands of immigrants that converts Sweden’s public television into a language learning paradise. In late 2019 I was among those immigrants and I had been using this app to learn Swedish. The concept was awesome, but the User Experience left many things to be desired.

I used various usabilility evaluation methods and conducted user tests to find usability problems with the app. To address some of these, I applied gamification elements in a new redesign of the app. My thesis, titled “Designing and using gamification elements to improve students’ user experience in a video-based mobile language learning app”, was a reflection on that process.

Some of my suggestions have been taken into account for subsequent versions of Språkplay and its sister apps; the general Reading Coach and YLE Kielikoulu in Finland.

Product Development & Front-end at Soulcenter ('17-'19)

In 2017, as a student, I joined a one-month project at Open Knowledge Belgium’s Open Summer of Code , which was the start of my web development career. The project founded by Fredrik Vincx was an app that aimed to create a real, meaningful change in the lives of elderly people in care homes, by bringing out their life’s stories to the care home personnel. After the 1-month project, I helped Frederik for a year to test and develop a prototype further in care homes. Today, the project has evolved into and is used by carehomes across Belgium.

Since this was also considerd an internship for my Bachelor studies, I summarized what I learned from the experience in this GitHub Gist (in Dutch). It was my first dive in the world (social) tech entrepreneurship.

Personal Projects

✅ Voc Enhancer

Voc Enhancer is a set of features hacked on top of the English vocabulary learning platform & dictionary Its Chrome and Firefox extensions have nearly 1000 users. I also built an API wrapper and use it to synchronize dictionary lookups in an Amazon Kindle to a list.

Read the story on why I built these tools: Learn vocabulary from the environment

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